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 Why we love what we do!


After a quick lesson working in the Retail arena.... We wanted to fill the void in personalized T-Shirt wear.  The T-shirt industry is saturated with many outdated designs.  While today's women sometime wear the relaxed look i.e.; leggings, soft textured tops, they always demand Style.

We gathered several years of studying international and national manufactures, and how designs were applied to garments.

Xclusive Ts was formed and we have rolled out our 1st designs for todays contemporary women with  "SERIOUSLY™"  form fitting Tees.

SERIOUSLY™ is a luxury T-shirt line made for the fashion forward women.  It's poetic designs flow in a unlimited mix of soft fabrics that sets apart  from  the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We are constantly coming up with new looks and experimenting with what our customers want.

XCLUSIVE TS kicks off many things to come and our cutting edge will keep us current with todays customers

I hope you enjoy our Creations and Welcome.

Xclusive TS

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